How To Pick The Perfect Scent.

How To Pick The Perfect Scent.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to picking the perfect scent there are so many factors to consider.

What do you even like. What room to put them in. Where in the room to put them. Indoors, outdoors and even the time of year… the list is endless.

Scents are such a personal thing. Some of us go from names alone, others go for the look of the jar and others go purely from the top, middle and base notes.

Here I will give you the cheat sheet to picking your perfect Känsla scent.

Känsla take away part of the picking process by keeping all our jars the same. Premium, simple, clean and all the neutral colour tones. This leaves only the scent to pick.

Our scent numbers are limited, we typically have under 10 scents to pick from. This is because all scents go through the strict ‘perfect scent’ test before they are released to you.

Our scents are all from the same woody family. They are earthy, natural and fresh with the non-negotiable being you have to be able to smell and enjoy them when you enter a room. After all, Känsla means feeling and the feeling of enjoyment is what we want you to feel when you use our products.

Now you know all our scents are earthy, woody, natural and fresh, to pick your perfect scent from Känsla the question to ask yourself is,

Do I want a scent more on the woody scale or towards the fresher end?

Below, our candles are ordered from the woodiest to the freshest.

  1. Tuscan Leather & Oud
  2. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
  3. Palo Santo & Cypress
  4. Cashmere & Oak
  5. Suede & Santal
  6. Cedarwood & Tonka
  7. Sandalwood & Black Pepper
  8. Bergamot & Oud

Once you have picked the scale of the scent you want, you need to consider where you are putting your scent. Ask yourself,

What room or space am I putting this scent in?

If you are looking for a scent to fill an area that you spend a lot of time in such as sitting rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms stick to the woodier scents. Scents 1-5

If you are looking for a scent to fill an area that you walk past or through or in open spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms stick to the fresher scents. Scents 6-8.

The last point to consider is the time of year. Ask yourself:

Do I want an all year round scent or something more specific to the season?

This one is easy. Because Känsla scents are all from the same woody family they are perfect all year round and in any season.


Simple right? We hope this has helped you to pick your perfect scent. If you have any other questions or need any support, reach out to us using the chat function on our website or send us an email

If you still can’t decide check out Känsla’s Scent Discovery Pack which includes oil samples of all our signature scents.

Love Känsla. XX

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I have been given an old Japanese Foo dog incense burner for Christmas and would like to buy some cones to burn in it. I came across your website by chance and love your company philosophy but I’m not sure which scent I would like. Is it possible to send me samples?
Many thanks Alison

Alison Thomas

Loving my order of Tuscan candle and diffuser which I received this morning. Would love to try more but can’t decide which to go for as I love all these sort of scents. I noticed that I could request free samples to help me decide for which I’d be most grateful.
Thanks in advance
Elisabetta James

Elisabetta James

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