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Scent Discovery Pack

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Scent Discovery Pack

Are you looking to discover your perfect scent?

This discovery pack is the perfect way to sample the scents of Känsla.

Each scent is meticulously crafted to deliver a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

You can easily sample all our signature scents by carefully lifting the lid off your scent bottle then using the scent stick to breath in deeply and explore the harmonious blends.

Take a moment between each sample to reset your senses.

Whether it is warm precious woods, bursts of crisp citrus zests or the richness of fine leathers, each scent will invigorate your senses.

If you seek relaxation, revitalisation or a touch of elegance and grandeur, Känsla scents will surround you in sophistication and bring you closer to the natural world.

All Känsla products are handmade using the same oil so you can expect these strong luxurious fragrances across all our product range.

 *The cost of your Scent Discovery Pack is redeemable with your next order* 

Sample pack details:

Contains a sample of each of our core signature scents 

Only to be used as scent samples

Limited to 1 pack per order

Does not include limited edition scents 

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Customer Reviews

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The perfect way of testing all core scents, just gorgeous!

I’ve been wanting to try Kansla for the longest time and this has been the most perfect way of testing all their core scents. Delivery was super fast and each sent is incredible! I’ve found it hard to narrow down to just one, they’re all beautiful. I’ve been testing each oil in an oil burner, you only need a few drops and oh wow it fills my whole home. If you’re unsure on what to go for, I’d highly recommend the scent discovery pack as a starting point, just gorgeous!