Känsla in John Lewis

Känsla in John Lewis

The call we dreamed of when starting Känsla happened in 2022.

The reaction to Känsla was overwhelmingly positive. Customers were loving our range and the feedback was fantastic. We were over the moon.

But, like any small business owner, there is a dream. Usually something you put into the 5 year plan and cross your fingers comes true. 

Our dream was to be stocked in John Lewis so when that call came through my jaw hit the floor. 

Fast forward 3 months from that amazing phone call and there we were, Känsla loaded into the vans and on the way to drop the stock off at John Lewis. (pinch me)

Känsla was always made to be sustainable, luxurious and affordable and it was at the exact moment the stand was set up and ready to go that we felt we had achieved what we set out to do.

We were blown away by the reaction of the loyal John Lewis shoppers. Within 5 days Känsla had SOLD OUT!

Cedarwood & Tonka was our most talked about scent. Customers loved the woody aroma with hints of tonka bean.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily was a favourite for those wanting a rich, expensive smelling fragrance.

Sandalwood & Black Pepper was picked by those who loved the woodiness but like a little bit of freshness.

Tuscan Leather & Oud was a showstopper and received the compliments for its unique and rich scent. (People came back later in the week to buy this scent again!)

Bergamot & Oud was the most sold giftset. People loved the zestiness of this scent.

Vetiver & Agarwood started as a John Lewis exclusive, this was the first scent to sell out. The reaction was so positive we had to release it for our online customers. (It’s been a firm favourite ever since)

To see your products get the approval from such an iconic brand was incredible. What’s even better, you will find Känsla in John Lewis in 2023. Watch this space to see which stores. We would love to see you there.


Love Känsla. XX

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