The Känsla Refill Revolution

The Känsla Refill Revolution

When we set out to create Känsla there was one main objective we had in mind. We wanted our products to be fully refillable. The idea of throwing away a beautifully perfect jar just because it was empty seemed crazy to us, so we set about creating a brand that could be refilled or reused.

We have loved seeing the creative ways our customers have reused their empty candle jars so far. We have seen a pot for a small succulent plant, wax melt storage, makeup brush holders and pen organisers.

Our candle and reed diffuser jars are superior grade quality, using only the finest concrete and ceramic materials to give you, the customer, the best possible product to showcase in your home.

So why not buy once and reuse over and over again. Our refills reduce waste, are eco-friendly and are a cost-effective way to scent your home.

We are so proud to say that with the launch of our brand new candle refill that Känsla’s core range is now fully refillable and available on subscription.

Känsla represents luxurious, refillable and sustainable home fragrances with reusing and recycling at the core of our ethos. All our packaging is fully recyclable, even our packing peanuts dissolve in water and each of our handmade items is now available as a refill.

Our reed diffuser refills are made in an easy to use bottle. Pour the contents into your empty jar and pop in your new set of fibre reeds and bunny tails that are supplied with your refill.

Our incense cones are available in boxes of 20 or 40 cones in all our signature scents, we even have a ‘mixed scent’ option that gives you a selection of all our scents to try so you can pair a scent to your mood. Your incense cone refills can be stored in your reusable concrete box until you are ready to use them.

Our candle refills come perfectly sized to slot straight into your empty concrete candle jar. Refilling couldn’t be easier. There are a set of instructions included with your candle refill and a handy ‘how to’ video on our candle refill product page to give you a step by step simple guide to getting the most out of your new refill.

Our candle refill launch is testament to our commitment to sustainable practices without compromising on the quality and luxury we pride ourselves on.

Join the Känsla refill revolution today. Shop our range of refills on our website.

Love Känsla xx

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