Give The Gift Of Känsla

Give The Gift Of Känsla

One of my favourite things to do is gift something to someone special. I love finding the perfect gift that I know they will love and I get giddy with excitement before they open it. There is something special about knowing what’s inside the package and watching their face when they open it.

So what if I told you that the perfect gift does exist….

A gift that looks and smells amazing. A gift where all the little things that make receiving and opening a gift special have been thought of. And a gift that comes perfectly packaged in a beautiful gift box.

How about one that has a personal message from the sender that makes you smile or laugh that comes sealed with a gorgeous circle of wax.

And finally, how about a gift being so perfectly gift wrapped that you delicately open it so as not to damage the paper.

This is the experience you have when you open a Känsla.

Känsla makes the perfect gift for someone special but also as a treat for yourself. As standard, every item comes in its own individual Känsla box, packaged with the upmost care and love.  

Känsla is perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, mother’s day, Valentines, Easter, to say thank you to a friend or colleague or how about just to show someone you are thinking of them.

You can order a gift set which includes any candle and reed diffuser. We encourage you to mix and match the scents. If you use the discount code GIFTSET you will even receive a special discount at the checkout.

Give the gift of Känsla and make someone’s day.


Love Känsla. XX

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