Exploring The World Of Incense Cones

Exploring The World Of Incense Cones

Incense has a rich history that can be traced back to ancient civilisations such as Egypt, India and China. Incense was crafted using aromatic resins and plant materials. Over time, the practice spread to other parts of the world where incense became part of spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Fast forward thousands of years and incense has never been more popular in a modern society.

Känsla have created incense but like you have never seen it before. I have always thought that incense was ‘not for me’ I found the scents all smelt the same and they didn’t fit in my home.

This is where Känsla come in, if you love our signature scents but want something that looks that extra bit special in your home, these incense cones are for you.

They do not smell like typical incense, they smell just like our candles and reed diffusers with the added benefit that the reusable concrete box that they are stored in make the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Känsla incense cones each burn for 1 hour which is one of the longest burn times on the market. Their incense will fill the room with a gorgeous fragrance. We find they are perfect in the kitchen after cooking, relaxing watching the television or burning in the background when reading your favourite book.  What is even better, the cones can be used in or outdoors! Pop one of these cones on at your next BBQ and let the fragrance be the main talking point.

There are some common health and mind related benefits associated with burning incense cones.

They include, relaxation and stress reduction, help to increase focus, allow you to relax and unwind, stimulate creativity and aid mediation.

Using your Känsla incense cone couldn’t be easier. Each reusable concrete box comes with a ceramic burning dish and you simply place one incense cone in the burning dish, light the tip with your Känsla match (which is also included in your package) wait for 15-20 seconds and then gently blow out the flame.

Leave the incense cone to work its magic. The cone will burn for 1 hour emitting fragrant incense in your home.

When the cone has fully cooled, dispose of the contents and if necessary, wipe clean your ceramic burning dish. We advise that you burn your incense cones in well ventilated areas.

Känsla believe in reusing and refilling all your home fragrance products so our incense cones are available in refill boxes of either 20 or 40 cones. We encourage you to mix and match your scents, keeping them stored in your reusable concrete box.

Could Känsla incense cones be the missing piece to your home fragrances? Try out our range directly on our website.

Love Känsla x

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